Is there anything worse than getting a paper cut in the middle of your day? The answer is yes and it’s called getting an ingrown hair in the middle of your day. If you’ve ever had one, then you know how quickly it can derail a good day and a good mood. But did you know there are preventative measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of them showing up? We don’t have any advice for you about avoiding pesky paper cuts (except maybe go digital?!), but we’ve got the 4-1-1 on how to avoid ingrown hairs.

What exactly are ingrown hairs? 

Ingrown hairs are actually quite common and can show up anywhere on your body, but they are most likely to occur in areas where your hair is especially curly or course. That means your underarms, legs, bikini area and face are especially susceptible. An ingrown hair happens when hair curls back and grows back beneath the skin. As a result, the hair creates a small, flesh-colored or red pimple-like bump on the skin. These bumps can be terribly irritating, causing itchiness, redness, swelling, irritation and sometimes even pain. 

In most cases, ingrown hairs are caused by various forms of hair removal, usually tweezing and shaving. Sometimes when hair grows back, it grows back inwardly instead of resuming its normal growth pattern. However, hair removal isn’t the only culprit to blame. Ingrown hairs can also be caused by dry skin and dead skin cells as this can cause your hair follicles to become clogged. Skin-tight can also sometimes be the cause due to the friction between your skin and fabric, especially if you’re wearing nylon and polyester. 

How can I prevent ingrown hairs? 

While there is not a standard time or proven method to rid yourself of an ingrown hair, there are preventative measures that will reduce the likelihood of getting them. 

#1: Exfoliate 

Exfoliating regularly helps to remove the top layer of dead skin. This will also free hair that’s trapped below the surface of the skin. By taking the time to exfoliate, you can help your skin speed up the natural shedding process and prevent build-up in the hair follicles. If you have an upcoming wax appointment, use an exfoliator at least two to three days prior. 

If you don’t already have an exfoliation product you love, allow us to introduce you to Lalicious Whipped Sugar Scrub. Made with pure sugar cane crystals, this product is perfect for ridding dead skin cells to reveal a youthful and even skin tone. You can pick up this product at any Waxing The City studio near you. 

#2: Moisturize 

Dry skin is often the root cause to hair breakage. When hairs break off at the surface and begin to grow sideways, ingrown hairs can happen. Moisturizing daily is key, especially after taking a bath or shower. This goes for before and after your wax. We recommend Lalicious’ Hydrating Body Butter, a full-body moisturizer that looks, feels and smells good. This moisturizer is guaranteed to revive any dry skin and provides intense hydration while leaving your skin silky smooth. Be sure to get your hands on a variety of options at your next appointment. 

#3: Be Gentle 

Take care of your skin after a wax and avoid rubbing or exfoliating any areas of your body that are freshly waxed. Let your skin breathe and avoid tight clothing that causes friction. Allowing your skin an opportunity to breathe after a wax will help your hair grow back properly which will reduce ingrown hair incidents. If you do find one of those pesky bumps on your skin, resist the temptation to pick, pluck or pop the bump. Not only could this cause permanent scarring, but it might even turn into an infection.

#4: Prioritize Skincare 

Skincare is important no matter what, but especially when it comes to ingrown hair prevention. Here are a few products that will help: 

Fur Ingrown Concentrate: This product is made with a combination of nourishing oils like tamanu oil, coconut ester and chamomile. This helps to promote healing and regeneration, soothe ingrown bumps, and lubricate the hair strands. Using finger mitts, you can buff away pore-clogging debris while soothing any irritation. 

Fur Ingrown Eliminator: This fantastic product helps to reduce ingrowns rapidly using willow bark, witch hazel and aloe vera. This ingrown eliminator will help to clear the pores of debris, work as an antisepti, and soothe any infected area. Apply this product daily with the finger mitts until results are achieved.

Both of these products are acid- and alcohol-free, and perfect for those with even the most sensitive skin. Talk to your Cerologist at your Waxing the City to get your hands on either of these products. 

How can waxing help? 

Leave it to your Cerologist to ease all your ingrown hair worries by scheduling consistent appointments at your local Waxing the City studio. Waxing regularly will make your hair grow back finer and thinner which decreases your chances of getting any ingrown hairs. When you quit your waxing routine or even take a break from it, your hair will begin to grow back at uneven rates and will thicken over time. When your hair is growing back at different paces, the probability of an ingrown hair popping up is higher. Shaving with a razor creates sharp tips at the end of follicles; these tips have a tendency to curl and dig their way back under the skin. 

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