Welcome to Waxing the City

We’re so happy you’re here! At Waxing the City, our passion is providing premiere waxing and beauty services performed by our expert Cerologists®.


noun (cē- rol - ə - jist)

At Waxing the City, our licensed service providers are not only waxing experts, they’re waxing authorities. This led us to create our very own title of Cerologist™ technicians, combining “cera” (Latin for wax) with “ologist” (to highlight their level of education and expertise). After completing an extensive and immersive training program, our service providers become certified Cerologists.”

Our passion is creating an environment where you can expect expert services performed by a Cerologist you trust.

cera naranja

A custom formulated wax, exclusively ours

The difference is in the wax, which is why we created our own! Our exclusive wax is custom-formulated by one of the world’s leading wax manufacturers in Spain and is designed to offer you the most comfortable wax experience.

Inside our studios

It's all about you

When you walk through our doors, you know you’re somewhere special. From the fun and inviting interior to the welcoming staff ready to greet you, it’s clear that we’re all about one thing: making you feel special.

We deliver the best

We take our time during your waxing service to ensure the absolute finest experience. Other studios are known for their speed, but we worry less about the clock and more about the end result.

The story of Waxing the City

Inspired by their loyal clientele and a belief that waxing is less about hair removal and more about boosting self esteem, the founders of Waxing the City set out to create a space that ensured a positive experience for everyone who walks through their doors. Thanks to their vision, you can rest easy knowing you’ll find friendly expertise that can’t be beat inside of every Waxing the City studio.

Our core values

Emphasis on People

Outstanding Client Service

Compassion & Caring

Community Partnerships