The best bikini line is the one you don’t see, but unwanted hair isn’t the only thing that should be invisible after your bikini or Brazilian wax—your skin deserves to be free from bumps and breakouts, too. We believe every wax should be a smooth process that leads to even smoother skin which is why we’re in continuous pursuit of products and services that make every wax your best wax. It’s the reason we worked diligently to create the ultimate skincare product to enhance your next bikini wax or Brazilian. Allow us to introduce you to Waxing the City’s Bikini Mask, a soothing sheet mask that’s uniquely designed for your bikini area.

Because your bikini area has thinner skin and coarser hair, it tends to be one of the more sensitive parts of your body when it comes to hair removal (if you know, you know). Since waxing treatments pull hair from the root, you may experience some temporary inflammation and irritation afterwards. Don’t worry! This will pass, but it could take a while for your skin to self soothe depending on your skin sensitivity. But follow your wax with our 10-minute bikini mask treatment and you can look forward to immediate relief and smoother skin in a snap!

This quick-healing mask is full of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that alleviate that initial irritation and prevent further inflammation from occurring. That means fewer bumps, breakouts, and redness, resulting in your best wax ever. With ingredient powerhouses like cannabis sativa seed oil, collagen, and licorice root extract, your skin will reap the benefits that come with hydration, collagen production, new skin cell growth and antioxidants to reveal your most gorgeous bikini line. Each natural ingredient has been carefully selected for its anti-aging and healing properties, so your skin looks and feels refreshed and renewed.

Extend your wax appointment and enjoy 10 extra minutes of “me time” when you allow your Cerologist to apply the bikini mask post-wax. Or if you’re running short on time, you can grab a mask to go and use it as an at-home treatment (highly recommend pairing with your favorite aromatherapy and glass of red wine).

Between our pre-wax desensitizing serum, our hair removal technique, and our post-wax bikini mask, you can feel confident and comfortable every time you leave our studio. Ask your Cerologist about pairing a bikini mask with your wax at your next appointment and enjoy your smoothest wax yet.

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