At Waxing the City, we know better than anyone that there’s no better feeling than walking out of the studio with fresh, expertly shaped brows. We don’t view brows as facial hair, we view them as works of art. That’s why we offer brow waxing, brow tinting, and brow henna, all to help you find your dream brow, your way.

If you’ve waxed with us, you know we do things differently – in the best way possible! We don’t just wax your brows – we wax, trim and tweeze to make sure you leave with the perfect brow shape. We start each appointment by getting to know you and your #browgoals so we can deliver you results you’ll love. If you’re aiming for brows that are bolder than what nature gave you (our hand is raised), a brow tint or henna is the perfect service for you! Brow tinting uses semi-permanent dye to give even the finest, fairest brows a boost of color and shape. It colors your brow hairs, which can give you the appearance of darker, thicker brows in just minutes.

If you want to go beyond the intensity of brow tinting, then you’ll love brow henna, which is a type of more natural brow tint that dyes both the eyebrows and the skin beneath. Henna is painted onto the eyebrows and skin, which dyes the skin darker to create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows. While brow tint dyes the existing eyebrows to make them darker, brow henna fills in the spaces in between missing brows, and can make brows appear fuller, too.

Whether you choose brow waxing, brow henna or brow tint, all of these services can lead to seriously amazing and enviable eyebrows. Here’s a few of our favorite brow transformations and service combos!

We’re absolutely obsessed with this brow henna from Waxing the City Alexandria. If you’re looking for brows that perfectly match your hair color, brow henna can help!

This Waxing the City Boulder client already has some seriously gorgeous full brows. A brow wax and tint are the perfect complement for those looking for color, rather than fullness.

These dream-worthy brows are courtesy of brow henna and Waxing the City Northeast Philadelphia. Could they look any more perfect?

Remember when we said that we don’t just wax your brows? We’ll also fill them in for you! We love this smooth wax and gentle fill-in from Waxing the City San Antonio Stone Oak. If you’re intimidated by brow tint, let us fill your brows in for you – it’s a great way to preview the service!

We’re smiling just as much as the client is about this perfect brow henna! If you’re worried that brow henna will make your eyebrows look painted on, this beautiful work by Waxing the City D.C. proves just how natural this service looks.

It’s amazing what a simple brow shaping and fill-in can do. When you wax with us, know that you’re getting the best brows ever! Photo credit: Waxing the City Northeast Philadelphia.

This service by Waxing the City Boulder is a beautiful example of a brow wax and henna. A brow wax gives you the brow shape you love, and henna fills it in to make the brows pop!

We’re loving this brow henna before and after from Waxing the City Altamonte! It really shows the difference that brow henna can make. After it’s painted on, your Cerologist® will let the henna sit for a few minutes so the dye can do its work. Then, the henna is removed to reveal perfectly dyed brows!

We love seeing all the beautiful brow transformations perfected by our Cerologists®. Have a brow transformation to share? We’d love to feature you! Tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #waxingthecity.

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