From the way we train our Cerologists to the way we approach each individual appointment, there’s a lot of things we do differently at Waxing The City. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and that sentiment especially applies to the products we use and carry in our studios.

According to Alex Arlotta, one of Waxing The City’s founders, Waxing The City uses two different kinds of specially formulated waxes. “We have two waxes that were formulated for specific body parts. Not all hair is created equal and the sensitivity of our skin is different based on the area being waxed.”

The difference between the two high-quality waxes includes the formulation and removal technique. Hard wax (we call it “Cera Naranja Orange”) is used for areas of the body where hair grows coarser—like around the face, bikini area and underarms. Hard wax uses a shrink wrap and cooling method that helps with a smooth removal procedure. The removal process is done in smaller sections so Cerologists can be methodical in those areas where hair is dense and there are multiple different hair growth patterns. Key ingredients include Azulene oil to moisturize and soothe your skin and glyceryl rosinate to help the wax adhere to hair.

Soft wax (“Cerasuave Yellow”), on the other hand, was formulated specifically for legs, arms, back and chest where the skin is thicker and hair is finer. Soft wax is easier to spread and better able to adhere to the finest hair on the body for the smoothest results possible. Because this gentle wax formulation is specifically developed for “speed waxing”, it offers a quick and comfortable waxing experience. Key ingredients include beeswax, rosinate and Hibiscus fragrance.

Waxing The City founders Alex Arlotta and Summer Hartshorn Vasilas tested wax formulations for two years before they found the right one. As experienced estheticians, both Alex and Summer rooted their product development in the experience and from the perspective of technicians. They believed that they could create a product that was loved by both Cerologists and clients which would ultimately lead to a premium waxing experience.

Both wax formulations are designed to minimize discomfort and eliminate hair breakage with their own removal techniques. Between individual waxes, mapping techniques and removal methods, these variables ensure that each client has the best waxing experience. And because it matters, you should know that both waxes are animal cruelty-free and gluten-free.

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