5 Reasons To Keep Up With Your Waxing Routine This Winter

The harsh winter weather often brings more than just cold temperatures and snow. It also comes with an almost-irresistible temptation to hunker down and hibernate until any sign of spring shows up. While we may not be able to talk you out of permanently planting yourself on the couch and firing up your Netflix queue all-winter long, we do hope to convince you to not put your waxing routine on the back burner just because you’re wearing (sweat)pants for the next few months. There are several benefits to maintaining your waxing routine year-round that go beyond smooth and silky skin.

Benefit #1: Keep Up with Your Hair Growth Cycle

One of the main reasons anyone chooses waxing for hair removal is to reduce future hair growth. As you know, the secret to reducing hair growth is to wax consistently and manage the hair growth cycle. Let’s break this down. The hair cycle has three main phases: when it’s growing, when it’s dormant and when it’s falling out. These stages also affect how close your hair follicles are to the surface of your skin. Interrupting these stages by taking a wax break over the winter months can cause your hair to grow back darker and thicker. Nobody wants that! Plus you’ll have to start over when the warmer months finally arrive. 

Benefit #2: Skin That’s Healthy and Glowing

Our skin takes a real beating in the wintertime. Your skin serves as a barrier to the rest of your body and cold, dry air will take its toll on your body’s largest organ. If you’ve ever experienced flaky, dry or tight skin during winter, then you know this to be true! Waxing regularly exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates circulation. The increase in circulation boosts your skin’s cell growth and collagen production. The end result? Smooth skin that looks and feels 10 times healthier, moisturized and radiant.

Benefit #3: Less Discomfort

Waxing regularly will reduce your skin’s sensitivity to hair removal. Taking a few months off will give your hair follicles time to get stronger. Whenever you get a wax, it weakens your hair follicles which makes them brittle and easier to pull out. Plus the more often you wax, the finer and thinner your hair will become. Most importantly, waxing prevents build-up and blockage in your follicles which can cause irritating, and sometimes painful, ingrown hairs.

Benefit #4: Maximize Your Skincare Routine

Waxing in the winter can help your skin take full advantage of your skincare products. When you wax consistently, your skin is more even with less build-up stuck in your pores. Smooth and clear skin provides the perfect canvas for your products to work their magic. Having freshly waxed skin allows essential products like moisturizer to absorb more rapidly and efficiently. And when your skin is drier than normal, any extra boost of hydration is much needed and much appreciated by your skin.

Benefit #5: Always Prepared

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean there won’t be holiday parties to attend or maybe a last-minute trip to somewhere warm. Waxing year-round will ensure that you’re always vacation-ready and can readily say yes to any invitation. 

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