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LVL® Lash Lift

I woke up like this.

(No, seriously. I did.)

Unleash the potential of your natural lashes. Waxing the City now offers LVL® Lash Lift, a service that gives you length, volume and lift. No extensions needed! This is all you, girl.

  • Eyelashes

    Fuller, darker

  • Calendar

    Results last
    6–8 weeks

  • Clock

    Less than
    one hour

The Process

Our Cerologists have been specially trained in the LVL® Lash Lift system. They’ll straighten your natural lashes at the root and tint them, giving you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.

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The Results

Surprise! There’ve been luscious lashes there all along. Check out these Before & After pictures to see how much difference a little lift can make.

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Lashes were not digitally altered.

Science-y Stuff

It’s just like magic - when the lifting balm is applied, the hydrogen comes into contact with the air and oxidizes, resulting in a lifted shape. We often hear, “How long does a lash lift last?” and “How long does a lash lift take?” The results last for up to eight weeks and the whole process takes less than an hour!

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“Lash Lift was perfect for our honeymoon in Thailand. My lashes were flawless and I never had to worry about racoon eyes in the water!”


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get a Lash Lift.


Results may vary. LVL® is a registered mark of Nouveau Lashes Limited and is used with permission.

*Please visit your nearest Waxing the City to purchase this product.

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