Bushy brows are back and we. are. here. for. it. From TikTok to Instagram, the fluffy brow is showing up everywhere and replicating the look is easier than you think. Whether your eyebrows are naturally full or sparse, you can pull it off with this simple four-step process that uses products you can find at your Waxing The City studio!

  1. Brush It Out

Start by brushing your brows out with a spoolie or brow brush. Most eyebrow pencils have one included. Brush your brows upward; you’ll see the fluffy look already start to form. Brushing your brows also helps to remove residual product out of your brows so that when you apply the next product, there won’t be any clumps or uneven pigmentation. If you’re in the market for a high-quality brow brush, shop Waxing The City’s brow pencil next time you’re in the studio.

  1. Draw Your Shape

For step two, draw your desired shape and fill in your brows. The next step in creating the perfect, fluffy brow is to draw your desired shape or fill in your brows. Using light pressure, create upward hair-like strokes to create a natural look. After filling in any sparse areas, use the spoolie side of the eyebrow pencil to blend out the color. This will ensure that none of the pigment collects on any of the brow hairs.

With the Waxing the City Eyebrow Pencil, you can blend and shape your eyebrows to perfection. This eyebrow pencil comes in six different shades, so you can find the ideal match for your brows. The formula is sweat- and water-resistant, so your look stays put. It also comes with a dual-side spoolie brush.

You can also shape your brows with brow powder and an angled brush; together, they will create a pigmented-yet-natural look.  Waxing The City’s eyebrow powder comes in three shades that you can mix and match to achieve the perfect pigment for your brows. It acts as a powder when dry and a pomade when applied wet. Similar to the pencil technique, you can use upward strokes to add volume, detail and color consistency to your brows.

  1. Lock In The Look

After you’ve filled in your brows, it’s time to set them up for success—all-day success. This is where eyebrow gel comes in. You have two options with Waxing The City’s brow gel: you can use a tinted gel to add more color and depth or you can use the clear gel to maintain the style you’ve created. Either one will keep your fluffy style in place with water- and sweat-resistant formulas. Use the applicator to apply the gel to your brows in an upward motion.

  1. Highlight Your Work

Now that you’ve finally perfected your fluffy brow, you’ll want to highlight all of your hard work. Nothing accentuates a fluffy brow like Waxing The City’s highlighter pencil. It has dual-sided shimmer and matte highlighter and is the perfect final touch for this look. It also can help to conceal regrowth on your brows and is easy to blend. To use this highlight tool, apply a touch of the formula right beneath your brow along the arch. Use the matte side first and then apply the shimmer side second to create a brighter look. Blend in the product using your finger. For added emphasis, add a hint of highlighter in the corners of your eyes.

Bonus: A full and fluffy brow can be created using the steps and tricks listed above, but if you’re looking to try and grow out your brows, we have the perfect solution with Waxing The City’s brow serum. The unique formula enhances, conditions and strengthens your brow hairs quickly. The serum is accompanied by a three-speed vibrating brush that stimulates brow growth that’s visible within weeks. Even better, it can also be used for lash growth!

If you’re a visual learner, check out Waxing the City’s reel where we walk you through the process step by step. Using the products we’ve mentioned here, we want you to feel confident in trying this at home. And as always, your Cerologist is there to help you achieve a look you love and will recommend the right products for you.  

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