Forget False Lashes, Lash Lifts (and Tints!) Are Your New Best Friend

Layers of mascara. Bulky false lash sets. Tedious lash extensions. Chances are you’ve tried, in one way or another, to achieve full and bold lashes. But if you haven’t yet discovered the wonder that is lash lifting and tinting, you’re in for a real beauty treat.

Why we love lash lifts:

  • Simple, quick process
  • Achieve major volume and length without the help of extensions
  • Immediate impressive results that last for up to almost two months
  • Safe for your natural lashes
  • Can be complemented by mascara, if desired

What Is a Lash Lift?

Unlike lash extensions, lash lifts straighten and tint your natural lashes at the root, giving the appearance of longer, darker and thicker lashes. With a lash lift, you can say goodbye to your morning lash routine and, instead, wake up with a head start on your day. Lash lifts simply bring your own natural lashes to their fullest potential, often resulting in striking before and afters. Within an hour, you’ll have gorgeous, natural lashes that last up to eight weeks.

Lash lift client

Will a Lash Lift Damage My Natural Lashes?

In short, no. The process of lash tinting is comparable to that of hair dye in terms of damage. However, thanks to the lash lift, your lashes are protected from the daily wear and tear of mascara application and subsequent removal.

How Does a Lash Lift Work? 

Lash lifts are achieved in four simple steps: bonding, lifting, volumizing and tinting. The bonding process involves pressing the eyelashes to prepare them for lifting balm, which alters the structure and shape of the lash. Once the eyelashes are bonded and lifted, a volumizing solution seals the new shape of your lashes before darkening your lashes for the ultimate transformation.

Can I Lift My Own Lashes?

In the same way you technically can wax your own brows, you can give yourself a lash lift. However, in the same way you should leave your brows to the experts, we recommend leaving the lash lifts to the pros as well. Our Cerologists® have been extensively trained in LVL® Lash Lift services and are ready to bring out the natural star power your lashes hold.

Lash lift services are available at select Waxing the City locations. Refer to our studio locator to find a studio near you!

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