It used to be if you had thin, sparse brows, your only options were pencils, powders and gels to help give the illusion of fuller brows. Not anymore! Enter: brow growth serums! Designed to stimulate hair growth and condition your existing brows, brow serums help add volume to achieve fuller brows with a simple daily swipe of a wand. Brow tinting and brow henna are excellent options to achieve a defined brow, brow serums enhance your brow line and can help forgive the sins of your plucking past (we’ve all been there). Whether you’re in search of a fuller brow or simply wish to add a little volume to your arch, brow serum is a must-have.

How Do Brow Serums Work?

Brow serums are formulated to do three things: strengthen, condition and promote hair growth. Your brow hairs, not unlike the hair on your head, are delicate and require care. Breakage and hair loss are the two primary causes for a sparser brow and by conditioning and nourishing your existing brows, your brows will appear thicker and volumized. At the same time, it stimulates growth at the root to bring dormant brows back to life. It may come as no surprise that we play favorites when it comes to brow serums – our Eyebrow Enhancing Serum sits a cut above the rest with our secret weapon: the vibrating wand. Traditional brow serums do coat the brows in serum, but they aren’t able to penetrate completely to the root of your brow hairs – often leaving results lackluster. Thanks to the vibrations of the wand, serum is evenly and adequately applied to your whole brow, starting at the root, for the best possible outcome. P.S. You can use the serum on your eyelashes, as well, to strengthen and stimulate growth. Bonus!

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

In a perfect world, overnight! Unfortunately, brow serum requires consistent application in order to be effective. Some brow serums require twice daily application; however, our brow serum only requires one application as part of your nighttime skincare regimen. If you’re using brow serum for the first time, it will take roughly 2-3 months to see optimal results, depending on a few factors including: your age, your current brow line and the texture of your brow hairs. After the initial growth period, brow serum should be applied continuously 3-4 times per week in order to sustain your thicker, healthier brows – or your results will fade.

Can You Wax Your Brows While Using the Serum?

In short, yes! There is no reason to interrupt your waxing routine as it relates to using brow serum. In fact, you’ll likely find that with the addition of brow serum to your beauty repertoire, your brows will need some love from your esthetician or Cerologist® to sculpt and define the brow shape best for your face shape. 

You can find Waxing the City’s Eyebrow Enhancing Serum at your local Waxing the City studio. Find a location near you here.

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