We Asked, She Answered: 11 Questions We Were Dying to Know From Kelley Baker

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In case you missed it, we made a major announcement about our partnership with Kelley Baker Brow—yes, THAT Kelley Baker Brow. We’ve been geeking out on all things KBB ever since and were thrilled when Kelley agreed to answer our burning questions—like “do you really do Kylie Jenner’s brows?!” Read on to learn how Kelley Baker turned her love for brows into her business for brows.

WTC: Bring us back to where it started; where did your love for beauty begin?

KB: Damone Roberts Beverly Hills® started with an OG team that included myself, I was his first hire. We met in beauty school while we were studying to get our esthetician’s license. That is the credential necessary to be taken seriously as a makeup artist and to remove facial hair in California. Damone already had a star-studded clientele and was known for working with Madonna, Oprah and so many other fabulous celebrities. I worked side by side with him for a few years learning the craft and then left on maternity leave. Knowing that I would soon be a mother, I decided that focusing on brows was the right decision since you could make easy money and I loved the makeup and artistry in shaping and creating brows. It is a wonderful lifestyle. So yes, MONEY was a big reason I chose to focus specifically on eyebrows. But artistically, as an eyebrow artist, what I do has a long-lasting effect on the client. As we know, beautiful brows make a huge difference on one’s face—almost as good as a free smile! Styling a person’s eyebrows has an uplifting, happy outcome on each client I see. And I get to know my returning clientele, some have become my BFFs. It feels good to make someone feel pretty. It’s like a best version of themselves looking back into the mirror.

WTC: What led you to focus specifically on brows?

KB: The money was a force to be reckoned with. I mean my passion as a teen was beauty makeup. That was my first love but being a makeup artist in the late 90s was definitely not an easy task and nothing like what’s happening in today’s world. I got my first really big break when I was hired by Damone Roberts Beverly Hills, brow artist to the stars! He called me his protege or shall I say, “the chosen one”?

WTC: Who or what has been the source of inspiration behind your brow line?

KB: My clients have always been the source of inspiration behind my line. All of my products have been designed with the idea that everyone can have perfect brows. My goal was to make sure that Kelley Baker Brows was made for all ethnicities, all skin colors and all ages, whether you have perfect brows or brows that need major help.

WTC: You’ve worked with several Hollywood celebrities whose brows we adore! Can you name a few of them?

KB: I’ve waxed brows for some of Hollywood’s favorites. I work with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Kylie and Kris Jenner, Scott Disick, Cardi B, Zendaya, Camilla Cabello, Normani, Kehlani, HER, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and even actors from HBO’s Game of Thrones, to name a few.

WTC: Which of your products do you never go without?

KB: KBB products that I never go without include my daily essentials kit. I use the light highlighter/smudge brush, brown pencil and clear gel daily on myself. I honestly use everything in my line. I don’t create any products that I wouldn’t use on myself.

WTC: What’s your favorite brow look of the moment?

KB: My favorite brow look is a brow that looks real and is not drawn on heavily. I, myself have suffered from the over-tweezed era, so it’s important to me that I draw on my brows to where they look as natural as possible and as real as they can be using my products.

WTC: What makes your brow products different from other beauty products? What’s important to you as far as your beauty brand?

KB: KBB products are different than other brands out there because they’re designed and created by a brow pro! My goal was to make products that are easy to use for everyone. Whether you’re a makeup artist, a brow pro, or someone with no beauty skills, KBB is designed for everyone with “easy” in mind.

WTC: What do people often get wrong about their brows?

KB: Most people tend to fill in their brows too heavily or use the wrong shade when doing their brows. Our approach is “easy to choose, easy to apply”—brow products made for everyone.

WTC: Waxing The City is a huge fan of Kelley Baker Brow! What excites you most about your partnership with Waxing The City?

KB: I’m so excited to be partnered with Waxing The City because you represent so many talented brow artists who have helped pave the way to grow our waxing community which builds so much more awareness to what we do and that what we do for a living matters. Our beauty treatments bring out confidence in others and help people feel better about themselves.

WTC: For those unfamiliar with your products, how would you describe them?

KB: Yes, the color range is small, but that’s on purpose so that everyone can easily pick the right color. I’ve spent many years creating what I think is perfect and easy to use. Many times, when you go to the mall or your favorite beauty store, the counters have so many different colors to choose from. One example is the names alone: are you chocolate, midnight, mahogany or ebony? It becomes very overwhelming and hard to decide the best shade for yourself. So, we’ve designed a no-nonsense approach. Easy breezy and as simple as possible.

WTC: What should people know about the Kelley Baker Brow brand?

KB: I want everyone to know that the Kelley Baker Brow brand was created and designed by a brow artist to ensure that everyone, both women and men, have a line that is dedicated to them. I want them to know that this line is specifically geared towards each individual’s goals to achieve the brows they’ve always dreamed of.

Club Orange member? Ask your Cerologist how you can get Kelley Baker Brow products in your makeup bag at your next appointment.

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