Is there anything better than waking up in the morning with a woke-up-like-this look that’s ready for the day with minimal effort? We certainly don’t think so. That’s why we’re obsessed with lash lifts and the way they deliver a natural, wide-eyed look without any makeup. And even better, since we discovered that there’s an effortless way to lift lashes, we’ve forever sworn off eyelash curlers. The best part about a lash lift is that you can expect your results to last for four to six weeks—that beats wrestling with a curling contraption every morning!

Though your daily lash maintenance is minimal, there are a few care tips that you should follow so that you can extend the life of your lift. We highlight the dos and don’ts below.

The First 24 – 48 Hours

The first few days after your appointment are the most crucial to ensure that your results last the expected four to six weeks.

Tip #1: Avoid Moisture

If lash lifts had an enemy, it would be water. A lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes and water can interfere with the solution and process. The interference will cause the perm solution to weaken and the curl in your lashes to relax. Avoiding water means staying away from face washing, sweat-inducing workouts, swimming, saunas and showers—yes, even cold ones.

Pro tip: shower and wash your hair before your appointment, use makeup remover wipes (just avoid your eye area), and plan a less sweaty workout like walking, barre or yoga.

Tip #2: Avoid Certain Products

It’s so tempting to get dolled up and show off your new lashes with a couple coats of mascara. But resist, you must! Avoid any and all eye makeup products, especially mascara and an eyelash curler—you’re throwing that out, remember? You should also take a brief hiatus from any oil-based products including face washes and moisturizers. 

Tip #3: Hands Off!

We’re all guilty of rubbing or touching our eyes throughout the day, but the more contact and oil that gets on your lashes, the less likely it is that the lift will set correctly. It’s normal to experience minor irritation and redness; if that’s the case for you, gently apply a cold compress. Likewise, try to avoid sleeping on your face! Because your lashes are more pliable the day or two after a lift, sleeping on them may cause them to get bent out of shape.  

After the First 48 Hours:

After the first couple of days, you can resume your everyday activities. However, there are still a few things to consider. Taking continuous care of your lashes will help you achieve longer-lasting results and that’s the goal!

Tip #1: Product Dos and Don’ts

While you can get back to applying most of your routine skincare and makeup products, there are certain ingredients and products that you should steer clear of including oil-based products like we mentioned above or conditioners like castor, coconut or jojoba oil. Also, refrain from using waterproof mascara because it can be really hard on your delicate lashes. When it comes to skincare, use a gentle foaming facial cleanser.

Tip #2: Nourish Your Lashes

Nourish and flourish is the name of the lash game and serum is how you get the job done. Providing nourishment to your lashes will strengthen and lengthen them, boosting the results of your lift. We have a fantastic product recommendation that you can pick up after your appointment at any Waxing The City studio. It’s the Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum by Nouveau Lashes. Made with a complex blend of vitamins and conditioning actives, this product is packed with a powerful combination of nutrients.

Tip #3: Brush Them Out

Using a lash brush or spoolie, gently brush out your lashes regularly to help them retain their shape. Continuing to do so will help your lash lift live up to its full potential.

Following these pro tips will protect your lash investment. If you have questions or need product recommendations, talk to your Cerologist.

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