Bakuchiol, SPF and Chinese Massage? Elizabeth Kendig Shares Her Beauty Secrets

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In the world of skincare, there are many voices, but few come as celebrated as beauty guru, Elizabeth Kendig. Elizabeth is an award-winning beauty writer in high demand, so we were especially lucky to get some facetime with the skincare queen herself and dish on all things essential to her beauty routine. She shares her favorite products, beauty regimen and most importantly – her sought-after skincare secrets in what will certainly become your newest bookmarked article for future skincare reference.   

WTC: Elizabeth, we are thrilled to chat today. Let’s start with your north star. What is most important to you in your skincare routine?

EK: It probably comes as a surprise to no one that my skincare routine is sacred. It’s my favorite form of self-care. I am not the girl who voluntarily goes to bed without washing her face (unless I have voluntarily had too much fun that night). But none of this matters if the products I’m using don’t deliver. You can give me all of the pretty packaging, expensive brand names, and big claims but after years of testing skincare, I am ruthless about it needing to work.

WTC: There are so many products to choose from that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. What products are your absolute must-haves and why?

EK: I don’t leave the house without sun protection, at least SPF 30 but ideally SPF 50. It doesn’t matter how long I’m going to be outside or if the sun is shining. I’ve been around the block (see what I did there?) enough times to know that no skincare product can undo what sunscreen can do for your skin.

Regular exfoliation has always been the step I look forward to most but it became critical in COVID. Maskne is real! Whenever I see or feel a breakout coming on—otherwise rare in my forties—I reach for The Solution Pads from Arcona. The glycolic acid pH balances skin. And seems to magically clear it up overnight.

WTC: SPF and routine exfoliation, got it. Yes, we’re taking notes! What’s most important to you in a skincare line?

EK: Active ingredients that work and serve a purpose—ideally natural—without a bunch of unnecessary fillers. I like smart products. High integrity products. There’s so much on the market, we don’t need to settle.

I also prefer formulas that feels good to apply. Skincare is an experience. Scent and texture are such a personal thing, but you know when it’s right and it’s okay to be picky. This is your time and your face!

WTC: We agree! It’s completely acceptable to be picky when it comes to our skin. It feels like there’s a new beauty trend to consider at all times. What skincare trends are you loving right now? We’d love your POV!

EK: I’m a big fan of gua sha facial massage, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses a flat stone to improve circulation. I give myself one every morning with my moisturizer or face oil and not only does it provide a moment of Zen but has made a difference in my skin firmness and jawline definition. It’s also depuffing, so the perfect morning ritual pre-Zoom calls!

WTC: It’s working. Your skin is absolutely glowing! Tell us all your secrets!

EK: Sleep and sweating make a noticeable difference with my skin. I miss hot yoga for this reason! There’s something about resting and releasing toxins that my skin loves and can’t be faked with products.

That said, I double mask weekly with a combination of whatever my skin needs at the moment. Usually a clay-based mask for deep pore cleansing followed by a hydrating mask that I leave on overnight. I used to think exfoliation was the answer to all of my skincare problems but have learned from the best estheticians that feeding your skin is where it’s at.

I did enough sun worshiping in my teenage years so skin brightening treatments are also on heavy rotation. Besides the Bakuchiol serum in the evening and a Vitamin C serum in the morning, I get annual light treatments to banish stubborn sunspots.

WTC: Speaking of Bakuchiol, what excites you the most about our retinol alternative?

Bakuchiol is one of the greatest beauty discoveries since dry shampoo. That there’s an effective and gentle alternative to retinol is a total skin-changer for people whose skin is too sensitive or reactive for traditional retinol formulas. Bakuchiol is the ultimate skincare trifecta. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and boosts collagen production. That it’s plant-based is the bow on top, because our skin loves and recognizes natural ingredients. Altogether now: buh-koo-chee-uhl!

WTC: What was your experience with our Bakuchiol line? What did you like most? 

EK: You know what I like? Waking up to better skin. Skin that looks clearer and brighter than when I went to bed. That’s what I saw immediately with the Bakuchiol serum. I also appreciate that it’s paired with some of my favorite moisturizers like jojoba esters and shea oil. That’s like giving your skin a moisture mask overnight!

The the lip balm is absolutely genius! Glossy and smells like vacation while tackling the pesky lip lines that have started to say hello. I’m already through one tube and that is saying something! #empties

Finally, the body cream is an unexpected bonus in the line and exceeded all expectations for me. We pay so much attention to our faces and tend to forget about the rest of our skin! I use it on my décolleté and arms where I’ve had the most sun exposure. Love the light but creamy texture and that it’s fragrance free.

WTC: Is this the first plant-based retinol alternative you’ve used? If not, what have you tried and how does ours compare?

I have used one other Bakuchiol serum and have been hooked on the concept ever since. What I appreciate so much about Waxing the City’s formula is that it’s the ultimate multitasker. Unless you are super dry, you most likely won’t need to layer on an additional moisturizer. Even as a skincare junkie, I’m all for simplifying! Note to oily skin types: the serum is super lightweight, quickly absorbing and not greasy in the least making it an option for almost every skin type to love!

You can find Waxing The City’s Bakuchiol line at a studio near you. 

Elizabeth Kendig is an award-winning beauty writer and the founder of

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