How to Get the Best Brows Ever (And Choose the Right Tools to Get It Done)

Brow products

It’s nearly impossible to scroll through TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest without seeing perfect, and what appears to be effortless brows. Brows are arguably having a moment and we’re here for it, fully and completely. While we see brow maintenance as less of a trend and more of a lifestyle, nothing makes us happier than making a client’s brow dreams come true. But, how do you turn your brows into a perfect 10 at home? Read on.

Brow Tools

As they say, a painter is only as good as her brush – and given brows are a work of art, we feel the same rule applies. To ensure your brows look their absolute best, you’ve got to start with the right tools.


In order to shape and brush your brows, your first stop is the spoolie. Almost identical to a mascara wand applicator – the spoolie works its magic in the same way. It separates and smooths your brow hairs before applying makeup and can also add structure to your brows on no-makeup days.


Think of your brow brush as the Swiss army knife in your brow product arsenal. From blending to applying brow powder, you’ll want to have one (or three!) in your makeup bag. We’ll give you fair warning, not all brow brushes are made equal. Our brow brush has a firm, angled brush that gives you the control and precision you need to coif the perfect brow. Thanks to the dual-ended spoolie-brush combination, our brow brush is your one-stop-shop for achieving brow excellence.


The brow pencil has major star power in the brow tool lineup with its utility and versatility. The pencil defines brow arch and shape while filling and blending sparse areas of your brow. In just a few strokes, your brow is completely transformed.


Possibly the most versatile brow product, brow powder is an undeniable must-have. From daytime to date night, eyebrow powder is a cosmetic chameleon. Use it wet and create a brow powder pomade for a sculpted, dramatic look or go for a more natural, volumized aesthetic and apply with a dry brush.

Brow Gel

Think of brow gel as the finishing touch to your brow regimen. Akin to the setting spray of brows, eyebrow gel keeps your brows in place while additionally sealing in both brow powder or pencil (or both!). It’s our favorite brow insurance policy.

How to Shape Your Brows

For the best results, begin with expertly shaped brows done by the pros.

  1. Starting with clean brows, brush your brows in an upward motion using a spoolie.
  2. With a sharp pencil, use a flicking motion from the start of your brow through the arch and finish at the tail. Make sure to stop at the tail! A drooping brow will draw the eye away from the center of your face and take focus from your eyes. Not sure where your brow ends? Place your brow brush outside your nose and line the brush with the corner of your eye. Follow the brush through to your brow line and the intersection created is where your brow line should naturally end!
  3. Focus on the sparser areas but keep your application even as you fill in your brow.
  4. Take care to fill your brows with symmetry in mind as our brows naturally have their own individual shapes.
  5. For a daytime look, use your brow brush to apply powder, dry. Blend the powder in as you work your way to the tail of your brow, again paying special attention to sparser areas.
  6. For a nighttime look, wet your brow brush and blend with brow powder to create a pomade. Apply to brows with light strokes. You can always repeat to achieve your desired intensity.
  7. Set your masterpiece with brow gel! Using sweeping, upwards motions, take your brow gel wand through your brows to ensure long-lasting wear.

If you’re pining for the I-Just-Left-My-Wax-Appointment look, you may want to consider using a brow stencil. We love this stencil set from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  

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